The Movie


In the course of only one day, Paul’s seemingly perfectly life falls completely appart. The film explores the condition of one person as a metaphor for the state of a whole generation in present day Berlin.
How often are our life choices determined by social conventions? How rarely do we listen to our inner voice before deciding what is best for us? Would we even be able to hear it? And what would it tell us?



Paul has all he wants to be happy: a stable job, a beautiful and loving wife who is expecting their first child, a lot of friends. On his 37th Birthday though, within a single day, everything is about to change. In the mythical Parc of the ex-Berlin Tempelhof airport, he runs into a mysterious Stranger, who will make him doubt about his life and invite him to open his ears. From that moment, he will experience the rest of the day with a total unexpected turn..